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Find 2E0SQL via APRS, you might even be lucky to find him out cycling.

Monitor HF Noise Floor

We have a Sentinel HF SDR noise measurement receiver running 24/7 connected to an active antenna monitoring the HF noise floor in central Oxford.

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The 2E0SQL logbook is available online in real time.

Recent Blog Posts

Tim Peake completes first school contact

This morning at 8:47am Tim Peake took part in his first ARISS school contact with the Sandringham School in St Albans as part of the Principia mission. Tim seemed to handle his first ISS Contact well although there appeared to be some problems with the school hearing...

Amateur Radio: A Hobby for the 21st Century

The RSGB recently commissioned a film to be made by TX Factor to promote Amateur Radio in the 21st Century in a form that would interest youth, I guess it’s hard to tell if it will achieve its objective so early on but one can hope, it certainly shows a wide...

New Amateur Radio Satellites

If you’re keen on amateur radio satellites you might have noticed that in the last two months there’s been an increase in satellites available to use on the 19th of September on a rocket from China saw the launch of a six satellites under the brand of CAS-2 all...