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Monitor HF Noise Floor

We have a Sentinel HF SDR noise measurement receiver running 24/7 connected to an active antenna monitoring the HF noise floor in central Oxford.

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The 2E0SQL logbook is available online in real time.

Recent Blog Posts

PSAT – PSK31 Satellite Transponder

On Wednesday the 20th of May while away on the Isle of Mull, another group of satellites got launched into space, included in this military launch was PSAT a satellite which has onboard a APRS digi on 145.825 but a PSK transponder with a 10m uplink and 70cms downlink...

Automatically change CW Skimmer frequencies via a timer

Last week during the regular confabs’ with Iain (M0PCB) we was discussing how best to utilise the RF Space SDR-IQ receivers we both have so that we can make a poor man’s CW Skimmer Server. We had already both seen comments about W3OAs applications but neither of us...

Operating at 2SZ

Back in October (17th-18th infact) I had the opportunity to be part of the team operating as 2SZ marking the 90th anniversary of the first ever radio contact from the UK to New Zealand, back then the operator was Cecil Goyder who was at the time a pupil at Mill Hill...