RF Space SDR-IQ SDR RX & The IF-2000 Board

Screenshot of the Spectravue software showing IF of 80m connected to the RF Space SDR-IQ & IF-2000 board

Screenshot of the Spectravue software showing IF of 80m


Few months back for fathers day I ordered Dad the RF Space IF-2000 board for the Yaesu FT-950, along which it I ordered the SDR-IQ too well we would need to to make use of the IF output. Since then we’ve been making the most of it using SpectraVue on a second monitor and Eterlogics VSPE tool for sharing CAT control between SpectraVue and a logging program of the operators choice.

So far we have both been enjoying being able to see 190 KHz of spectrum either side of the centre frequency, its proven very useful during SSB contests and makes search & pounce very quick but its also just as good outside of contests to monitor when 10m or 6m is open.

I’ve yet to even explore using the RF-Space SDR-IQ as a standalone receiver!

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