Last night I had my first WSJT-X contact using JT9-1 on 160m, at first I wasn’t hearing anyone so gave a couple of CQs and to my delight ON5DC came back to my call.

wsjtxSadly didn’t hear anyone else,  but if anyone would like a sked let me know.


  1. Hello Peter, I just made my first JT9 QSO as well but on 80m. The 160m is a little difficult for me, but I want to try there as well. Actually hope that the activity in JT9 is improving, it seems a to be nice mode that should be tested under worse circumstances. 73, Bas

    • Agreed Bas, although I was using a rubbish 160m antenna (54ft long wire down the side of the house) so might have been a good example of the mode 😉

  2. I made a few calls on 40m last night using it but no replies.

    • Doesn’t surprise me really Keith, if you want to try a QSO drop me a Twitter, SMS when your on will come up and work you!


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